Improve your presentation and increase your sales!


Boring shop windows were yesterday. The exceptionally simple principle of the display My Little Window (patend-pending)

revolutionized the presentation of goods in shops: With the help of strong suction cups fixing the inconspicuous product

holder is glued to the desired position in the window and presents the product in it. Quickly the small additional window

space developed an eye-catcher for passersby without the goods are hidden in the depth of the display.


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Target groups



Thus, for example, can be used for almost any target these displays. Wherever products are to be brought into focus!

Jewelers stores
Opticians stores Pharmacies
Computer Shops Perfumestores Jewelry Stores 
Hearing aid stores Pharmaceutical industry
Stationery Shops Photography stores  Mobile phone stores
Gift shops Boutiques stores Home decoration
petro stations Cosmetic stores
Toy stores
Barber shops ...  








customer applications

Here are some sample images that our customers send to us.

This window display offers flexible possibilities of use.

There are new and unlimited possibilities for the product presentation

directly on the storefront.